Yesterday, after it seemed that I’d made strides towards fluency the night before, I found myself particularly frazzled all day, not so much talking to others, but talking to my internal dialogue. I felt tired the entire day, and kept noticing missing words in sentences, mixed-up word orders, spoonerisms, phonological blends, underived lexical items where there should have been a derived or inflected form.



One Response to “surprise”

  1. Dorothy Ross Says:

    All the members of my aphasia group say that aphasia varies from one day to the next. Recovery is never a straight line, but has peaks and valleys. Even as a normal speaker who has never had a stroke, I notice that one day words seem to flow freely, while other days I can hardly put a sentence together. Writers also report that some days the writing is easy, on other days they experience “writer’s block”.

    I wonder if language is a such a new skill evolutionarily speaking that it is not very stable. Or maybe it is such a complex skill that if any part of the brain is not functioning at the optimum, it affects the whole language process.

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