Formulaic structures have been failing lately. Below are only the most recent that I were able to record. There have been several more:

1. 1/25 “I got to need a pan”

intended: I need to get a pan

2. 1/26 “You’ll have a leg on it up” [this may not be perfectly transcribed]

intended: you’ll have a leg up on it

3.1/25 “Last this for a week”

intended: let this last for a week

4. 1/24 “You might favorite your own composer”

intended: you might have a favorite composer

— I’ve also had a few retrieval stumbles:

5. 1/25 “I don’t intend to lessen your…”

intending: I don’t intend to diminish your…

6. 1/25 “resistance to the Chomsky module…milieu…”

intending: resistance to the Chomsky program/project

7. 1/25 “gave me lipo…”

intending: gave me lipitor

— and a possible retrieval loss of a supplantive suppletive:

8. 1/25 “I look gooder today”

intending: I look better today

9. 1/26 “supplantive”

intending: suppletive

(Methodology: I’ve got little pieces of paper everywhere at home and a notepad with me outside.)


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