Methodology: typos & insertions

I’ve edited many typos wherever I thought those typos were just like the typos I used [to] commit in writing prior to the stroke. Including all the inconsequential typos would mislead their significance and they would disrupt the clarity of the writing. So, for example, I regularly append “i” between “ou” as in “woiuld” and “coiuld;” frequently commit metatheses like “tired” for “tried.” I’ve corrected these.

Consequently, assume that any typos and solecism left in the text are significant.

The text blog is therefore not a perfect rendition of my unedited typing. But since I alone is [sic] the expert in my own pre-stroke typing, there is no better means to clarify and streamline the text so that only the significant typos and solecisms remain.

In addition to strike-throughs to indicate original solecisms in the text, I have also inserted words in brackets where the grammar or meaning were required; for example, “I have never [been] here” or “I have never [done] this.”

Linguistic asides on commentary on my writing are also in brackets. [For example, the immediately prior sentence has no solecisms.]


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