Daily account following a stroke

Foruteen [sic] days ago I suffered a stroke extended from Wernicke’s all the way through the frontal cortex — the entire linguistic faculty. Mental clarity — thought, practical cognition, self-awareness and accuity [sic] — however, was untouched.

As an academic linguist,  I taught the Science and Neurology of Language two years ago at the Masters Program of Speech Pathology at NYU, affording special expertise and insight perhaps to the experience of a stroke and the effects of aphasia.

This diary will account every day [sic] speech and hearing effects that I notice, and the written effects as well as I write [sic]. In all future posts I will avoid editing except where I clearly indicate edited passages [sic]. I will also render an account of the last fourteen days since the beginning of the stroke.


2 Responses to “Daily account following a stroke”

  1. anniecoburn Says:

    I read almost every word. Your diary of the recovery is remarkable. On December 21st my mother had a TIA. Her recovery was rapid as well. Eight days later, we were sitting at the breakfast table and the right side of her face melted and her speech went into slow motion. I quickly gave her an aspirin and within moments she regained her facial muscles and ability to form her words. Since December 28th she has not had any additional strokes.
    I will stay posted on how you are doing through your blog.

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